getting long tails of top thread pulled to the back

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It worked, and the fix has mostly worked. But wow, is that scary stuff taking all that apart. LOL It is still doing it, but nowhere near as often. But, the thread still gets caught in the bobbin assembly and breaks underneath. It is nowhere near as bad, and is probably livable. It is now only happening when going very slowly, or from a stop to a start, when going from left to right when standing at the front of the machine. It was doing this every couple of inches before, and now , I'm not sure what the distance is in between breaks, but would say it is 90% better. Thanks for all your help. Any suggestions to fix that last 10%?

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It gets caught between the silver and black areas in the hook/bobbin area, on the left hand side of the bobbin area, where it gets pulled to the back, behind the bobbin, and breaks. It doesn't tangle, just breaks, and then keeps on going, leaving the broken thread on the back of the quilt, and loose stitches on the top of the quilt where the thread had broken. I can hear the change in sound when it happens, when the bobbin is moved, or disturbed by the tread being pulled behind it. I had to move the collar about 3/8 of an inch. It still occasionally does a small pulse, as well.

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