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My heirloom starts at .06 and goes up depending on density and techniques. Trapunto cutaway is very time consuming so make sure you charge enough. Depends on size of trapundo what I would charge. Scallops about 10" wide seem to work well. I just used Deloa's boomerang to mark them on a quilt and it worked well. Make sure you mark the corners first and then work in. I didn't do that so I ended up having to have dog ears on the end instead of nice rounded corners.

Make sure you just mark the scallops and cut after you quilt it. Also the scallop ruler on the market works well if you don't have the boomerang.

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Thank you so very much!! I do have Deloa's boomerang rulers, what a wonderful idea! The Trapunto is 4 - 8" tall pineapples, not very much but there will be lots of feathers, cross hatching, stippling, echo quilting around applique and CC on the first border. There will be a lot of quilting on this one, Thank you also for your advise on pricing, I do not feel badly now for wanting to charge what I'm worth!!

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It is a lesson we all have to learn. I've decided on heirloom work I'll give a range and tell them I won't know until I get into it. I'll give them the cheaper but cut back the density of the quilting. To mark my scallops I drew in the segments and then use the boomerang to mark it. If I were doing the rounded borders I would mark those first. The measure the remaining border and divide by 10 or 12 (depending on which boomerang you use) and see how many repeats work in there. You can fudge a little if you need to. Good luck and be sure to post pictures when you're done.

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Plot the scallops on graph paper before you start to help with finding a good size for the scallops. You are lucky the top is a square since all sides will have the same number of scallops. Darlene Zimmerman has a template set called Easy Scallop which can be used to mark scallops. I use one constantly to mark spines for feathers.

After marking the scallops, I would baste them down to make a boundary to contain the feathers--but don't trim the fabric at all. Don't trim the quilt after quilting either--it is much easier for you or your customer to apply the binding to the scalloped edges with full fabric and batting in place. After binding, then trim the backer and batting away.

It will be lovely with trapunto and pretty feathers in the scalloped border--can't wait to see photos of this one!

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