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Timing? or really messed up?

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I was doing a t-shirt quilt with really heavy seams and broke a needle. Replaced the needle -- everything seemed okay. Finished the t-shirt quilt, loading another regular type quilt and while stitching the top to the back and batting, the new needle broke. I thought maybe I just didn't tighten it good (even though I made a point to when putting it in).

Well, when I started to take out the bobbin case, the lever that usually goes left-right and opens out from the right is pointing up and down with the lever opening from the top. I've used this machine since 2004, have broken a few needles and have never had the timing go bad or this to happen before.

Is it the timing (the little "V" thing looks like it's in the right place) or have I really messed something up?

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THF: It sounds like your bobbin case basket may have come loose. I don't know which machine you have, and I'm only familiar with my Ult2, but suspect they all have similar "keepers" Anyway, there is a small black "finger" that holds the bobbin case basket in place. The finger fits in a notch that positions the basket. Check and see if the black finger is in place, and holding the bobbin case basket in place. If not rotate the basket to allow the finger to fit in the notch, (you might have to loosen the finger and slide it back in order to rotate the basket) then adjust the finger. (1/3 of the way in -you must leave space for the thread to pass behind the finger in order to make a stitch) After that feel the entire edge of the hook for burrs caused by the broken needle. If there are any they must be polished off with emory cloth. Good luck. Jim

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I've looked and pondered and felt frustrated all day. So I was talking on the phone to my daughter a few minutes ago and saw this shiny thing on the tile floor. It was the black finger that had broken off.

As the Wonder Pets would say "this is searweous"! I'll be calling you tomorrow, Dawn.

Thanks for the help!

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