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Prayers please.

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My BIL is as we speak undergoing surgery for a tumor in his salivary gland. He is looking at 8 to 14 hours of surgery and most likely a broken jaw to get to the stage 3 tumor and get it out. He will most likely have to be fed by a tube for a while until his jaw heals and will have to undergo radiation so his recovery is not looking too enjoyable either. He is such a neat guy, always upbeat and happy going. I made him a "recovery" T-shirt quilt out of is favorite hockey team t-shirts and he was so thrilled. He called me to thank me and said he was busy eating everything he could think of that he would not be able to eat for a while. I told him I probably should have made the quilt a little bigger! Anyway...please say a prayer for Kim today...oh, and a prayer for Cindy (my sister) as she waits in the waiting room.


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