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NQR Answered Prayers

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Thank you all so much for your prayers for my BIL who had surgery today. Kim is out of surgery now and it took a little over 6 hours as opposed to 8 to 14 hours as predicted. The reason being is they did not have to break his jaw after all to get to the tumor. They are very confident they got 100% of the cancer but he will still have to follow up with radiation. He will probably need to have some reconstructive surgery later as they had to take a nerve close to his eye that they did not want to take, but he can eat again (and not have to be on a feeding tube cuz his jaw was wired shut). Kim was waking up and telling jokes in no time, they figure he was a little high from the meds??? But that is so Kim. So, thanks again for your prayers, I know they helped!

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Robin I'm so glad to hear that the news was good! My hubby had his jaws (both upper and bottom) broken and reconstructed. They only had them wired for 2 weeks. We had to feed him with a big seringe that had a rubber hose on the end, kind of like feeding a bird! LOL we had some good laughs over it. The meds he had to take were the worst of it. He had to have it at 2 am and I would get up and give it to him but it took about 30 minutes because he would shutter and shake at the taste and we had to do it really slow! We still laugh about it. The good thing was that he had little to no pain. Lots of swelling but no pain. The nerves mostly came back. Just one spot on his chin that has no feeling. It was an amazing surgery. You couldn't see a cut on the outside, just a tiny hole that they put the drill through. all the cuts were on the inside. I was amazed by the surgery.

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