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Quilts by the Sea AIQ Quilt Show

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Sorry ladies and gentlemen I did not sell the winning tickiet nor did I buy the winning ticket! But a big thank you to all those that help our cause by purchasing tickets.

I wrote Vickie about my ribbons and she said her lips were sealed so I suppose I'll spill the beans. This is how my personal works did.

Jinny Beyer Around the World 2nd place Large Pieced Machine Quilted

Asian Wonder Honorable Mention Large Pieced Machine Quilted

Autumn Glow 2nd place Small Pieced Machine Quilted

Joyful Stips 3rd place Minature

Old? New Again 1st place Art Quilts (see below)

Birds of a Feather Quilt Together Judge's Reconigation

What Happens in Mardi Gras Made by Linda and Qulted by me 1st place Mid Pieced Duet

Amelia Sunset form our guild retreat I quilted Honorable Mention

That's not counting Debbie's (my SILl) quilts> She won 1st placde with Fraidy Kats and a Honorable Mention with Halloween Delight both in the Holiday Category! Her very first ribbons!

On top of all that I got and email that~~~~~~ oh well see for yourself!

Okay I just wanted to let you know My name is one this LIST!!!!!! An I 'm having a hard time believing it!

I'm dancing all over the house!!!


Okay VIckie and Linda R, I did it!

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Originally posted by hmerrill

Dell how exciting and congratulations on all those ribbons. I'll be able to get pictures of your quilt for you at MQX!

Thank you!

The MQX piece will be the "Old? New Again!" I posted it sometime back and it will be in the Art Pictorial group! Picutres would be great! Thank you so much! I did that piece in 2009.

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Originally posted by sandradarlington

Congratulations, Dell. That is so exciting to win all those ribbons and to have a quilt at MQX. Your work is awesome and now you know everyone else thinks so, too.

Sandra, thank you! You are so sweet, I have so much to learned and all have taught me so much here on the forum!!!

Everyone wants pictures and I think you have already seen them but some of them not finished. I don't know how to add more than one at time so I'll start here.

This is "Old? New Again" Won 1st place in art and will go to MQX East!


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