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My avatar...thanks Wendy

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It really was fun and I can't get over how much Marlene and I have in common. I'm always so happy to have friends that don't even question my passion for quilting.....but instead share it.

The afternoon really flew by too fast so we'll have to plan another play date soon!

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Thanks Kathy,...no it's more like trouble. We both have creative minds and we feed off of each other which is really fun. Nice to have someone understand this crazy addiction, ya know what i mean???? Thank goodness Wendy has a lot of patience because I find myself mumbling. My mind and my mouth are on different speeds. I have too many questions and they seem to come out all at once which makes it a totally new language:P:P:P:P

How is your fabric dying doing?

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Fabric dyeing has come to a hault as the pipes in the basement have froze and the floor by the drain is all purple now thanks to the water backing up!! LOL. Got it all cleans up but can't snow dye in the basement until the drain pipe thaws. That's what we get for -35'c lows at night all week!! My partner in crime....I mean my quilting friend just showed me how to snow dye Mandalas....they are super cool designs, I hope to try them soon and post on my blog.

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