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That gets confusing becuase there are so many borders. To me I'd treat the first 3 borders as one and quilt radiating lines going out from the center star. The do SID around the white border, ribbon candy in the yellow floral border and soemthing more showy in what looks like two borders, green and blue but treat it as one. Maybe something swirly, feathery or loopy. I would do some kind of cci's in most of the blocks but give the gold star more straight lines. I like to alternate straight lines and curvy lines to give definition.

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I would quilt outline maple leaves in the same borders as they are now, but instead of being in each corner, put in the center of the 3 sets of borders - 1 pointing up, 1 down, 1 on the left, 1 on the right. Myrna teaches a great class about creating spaces - I would create these maple leaves in each of the two sets of three borders.

This will leave 8 large triangle sections, and I would quilt feathers in those.

Outline each star in the center.

Good luck!


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I think you could have fun with the borders by adding quilting that echoes design elements from the center motif, such as 1/2" channeling (same size as stems), 45 degree angle designs, etc. Use variegated thread that picks up the colors in the borders, or use different solid colored threads. Maybe quilt a circle or two over or around the motifs. You could SID each border and alternate tamping down every other border with dense quilting so the texture shows. Could do something similar with the maple leaf motifs. Show us when you're done!

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