NQR-Meet my new little addition

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Linda, who's Ozzie? That's funny.

Shana, we had a collie named "Ruff" when I was a teenager.

Two 9 year old boys visited us tonight and played with her as little boys do (kind of rough). It took a LONG time to get her calmed down after they left. Can't do that again. She turned into a wild furry child!!

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Oh, she's sweet. What a wonderful birthday present! Enjoy her...I know you will. Collies are a special breed and so smart. My Aunt and Uncle had two dogs...a Brittany Spaniel and a Collie. The Spaniel was older and he started going blind. The Collie (his name was Buster) would guide the Brittany (BJ) around the yard to do his business, then would guide him safely back to the house when it was time to go back inside. It was special to watch the two dogs together. I wish you many years of happiness with your sweet puppy!

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You have a wonderful birthday gift, she is adorable. Be careful of letting her be a lap dog. I had a very large Airedale once and she always thought that she was a lap dog. She just hung over on each side, front paws on one side and rear ones on the other side. The paws touched the ground too but in her mind she was my lap dog.


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I didn't know collies were so popular with quilters. This is awesome. We always had one growing up, and I never knew anyone else personally that had a collie.

She likes to nap with her head on my foot, but she doesn't want to be in my lap so no worries there for when she gets bigger.

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