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belinda williford

Finding antique fabric for repair

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I read an article not long ago that Pam Clark keeps a large collection. Don't know if she sells any though. The article says you can visit them on Facebook at

There's also a gal on Ebay that specializes in vintage sewing patterns, etc. Effie's Quilt Shop.

Cee K

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Lots of people get "cutter" (that's how they list) quilt tops or quilts on ebay. They have worn spots and holes, but they have useable pieces of fabric too. They usually sell for low prices because they're damaged. I know one lady who gets them and makes Christmas sockings out of the good parts.

Merry Jo

Merry Jo Rembold, Julian, CA

APQS Sales Representative

Millie & Quilt Path

Facebook: Creative Quilting by Merry Jo

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Nora (who has been quiet lately) repairs vintage quilts as a large part of her business. She has a great stash of both vintage yardage and also feed sacks. Her user name is


Look for her under Members List to access her email address if you want to contact her directly--be sure you are logged on to view her email addy. Maybe she will share her sources for vintage fabric.

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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I had the same problem i took some of an old dress from my granny and put it in the copy machine and used that material you use for printing photos on paper and spread it though the whole piece...was a good match.

Northside Quilt Shoppe


Q-Fairy,Tinkerbell 2 & Stardust(CQ)& Mister(Embroidery machine)

573-265-5385 or 573-263-4980

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