Verdict In on Chalking and Rolling

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In a previous post I asked about how the chalk marks would stay once the quilt was rolled, and I promised pictures of the before and after.

It worked quite well. I chalked densely with a foam brush -- you can rub it in better than the pounce pad. Then I sprayed the markings with water.

Then I rolled the quilt back and forth and the markings stayed.

Here's a before rolling picture.


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Yep, it worked. It might not work, though, on a different fabric, or an a day with more humidity???? But at least it worked this time.

I was certainly afraid that it wouldn't.

I thank everyone for their insights. It's so comforting to have people to ask when you're here all alone working on something like this.

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I've been trying to think of all the tools I used on this quilt:

Deloa's Boomerang

Border Stencil from The Stencil Company

Circlelord Upfront System and Diamond Cross Hatch and mini-fillers.

Rhonda's Rulers

Short and Long Straight Rulers

Lots of Freehand Work (which is the funnest - but could be funner if I had the Bliss, which I really need, because I've got some drag spots where my machine is hard to move.)

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Originally posted by lnieland

Georgene, that is so beautiful! Would you believe I'm going to be loading that same top (different colors) either today or tomorrow? You've given me some great ideas!

I take it back - it's a similar quilt that I'll be loading. The embrodiery panels are the same, but they're in a different setting. You still gave me great ideas, though!

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