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Stitching always different when going in backwards direction


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I'm so glad to see all the action on the George list!

I'm having difficulty with tension when going in the backwards direction; I'll have set the tension going forward to just about perfect, and then whenever I go in a different direction, mostly backwards though, it seems the top tension get's so tight it brings the bottom up, and top-stitching looks like a straight tight line of thread with bottom thread just holding it onto the top.

I use pretty light tension in the bottom, but no matter what i do with the top tension, this always happens.

Also, if I tighten the bottom tension, whenever I do a loopdy-loo of any kind, I get versions of eyelashes on the bottom.

I've tried slowing down, I've messed with the tension, forever changing it, top and bottom, but mostly the top.......

Just can't seem get this right!

Anyone have the magic formula for this glitch???::(

Thanks so much, Lisel

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On my George there is a definate sweet spot for the tension. If you are getting pulling up from the bottom you have two choices loosen the top or tighten the bottom.

So while I can't offer you a magic formula....have you tried a towa gauge? That at least will give you a good place to start.

Is the needle getting worn?

As a last suggestion....try another bobbin case. I had one recently that I could not see the problem but it was definately the case. The stitches improved dramatically when it was changed out.

If you still need help....email me or give me a call :)

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When you say you have slowed down, have you slowed down your movement or slowed down the dial speed? I have found better control when both are slower (than I want to do it).

I wonder too, if any additional guides on the upper thread will make a difference? I added some fishing pole guides on my George and I haven't had much problem at all with any of the threads I have been using.

I hope someone comes on soon with the right info that makes the difference for you.

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The stitches will always look different when "reversing". The machines work differently when moving in this direction, just look at your domestic machine stitching backwards and forwards. That doesn't mean the stitches should be ugly.

Once again, it could be the speed your are trying to operate with, the needle could be too small (in other words too much flex), the thread itself could be misfeeding or perhaps being caught somewhere. Check that the guides are not damaged and that they are positioned and facing the way they are supposed to. How is the thread unspooling?

Lisa also makes a good point. I had to change a bobbin case although the one I did have was never dropped and looked OK.

When all else fails, reread Dawn's articles and holler for her! :)

Hope you can resolve this soon,

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thanks everybody for the information put forth; I will have to try all, and see where they take me. However, it's going to be awhile...... Seems that I broke my heel bone last Tuesday in a minor Vespa accident I had right in front of my own house on my way to the farmer's market. UGH :(:(:(:(

It's my right foot, my foot controller foot, and the Doc's are trying to figure out if I will need surgery! YOW!!!!

Not only is it painful, it's mighty inconvenient as I have to keep my foot elevated above my heart to help the swelling and bruising to drain out from the leg, which makes it virtually impossible to do any quilting at the moment...... or could be months!!!!

DRAT........I'm actually being my most polite here with my usually foul mouth......, but what good would all that nastiness do anyway???? Just make me more tired and cranky!

Keep posting for me, so that I will have great stuff for entertainment purposes in the coming weeks.

Love this list, and thanks for the goodies, Lisel

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Hi Lisel:

So sorry to hear about your accident. We all wish you a speedy recovery! In the meantime, had you considered propping up your right foot and using your left foot on George's foot pedal? It will take some time to adjust but I'm certain you can make it work with a little practice. What have you got to lose? It might take your mind off the pain. Best to you, Nancy

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