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I am quilting a medallion quilt at present and there is lots of white plain fabric just waiting for feathers- and I caught my finger on a pin that I use to baste as I SID. The blood welled up so quickly I was amazed but thankfully I managed to move my finger just as quickly away from that pristine white fabric! And I did it again!!I've never bled so much in my life from a little pin prick. I tried the old remedy of using one's own saliva to remove the blood stain - but I think there was too much. Wasn't another old remedy using milk?

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I use hydrogen peroxide, the first aid type, not the kind used on hair. Years ago I was having blood work done at a lab and the tech didn't cover the needle poke quick enough and blood sprayed all over my new white pants! Everyone in the lab ran for peroxide and magically, before my eyes, the blood disappeared! I keep a bottle of peroxide in my sewing room, just in case I have the need.

Another first aid item that I keep in my sewing room to handle all those pin and needle pokes that I get is a bottle of New Skin. When I poke myself I stop the bleeding as best I can and brush on a layer or two of New Skin to keep it from bleeding. Wishing someone would invent pins that don't draw blood!

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