adjustment or new part?

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My Milli is sticking (sort of). Whether I'm quilting, then stop, or pulling the thread up with needle up/down, the machine is not stopping. It will continue in the slow mode of needle up/down... and nothing will stop it.

I appreciate any suggestions of help.

Thank You!

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jchabott, check the reply on your other thread.

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It's an easy fix and you will feel great when you are able to adjust things yourself. Unplug the machine. Remove the four forward screws--two on each side of the hood. Loosen the two back screws only enough to lift the hood. Look for the gold screw on the right side--the only one facing out instead of up. Use a screwdriver to adjust.

Righty--faster up/down

Lefty--slower up/down--the one you want.

Lower the hood, plug in and test. Re-adjust if necessary. Replace and tighten the hood screws.

Make sure you warm up (run at least 5 minutes) before adjusting or you will find you need to adjust again.

Good luck and enjoy the feeling of fixing your machine yourself!:D

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

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