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What's up with Webshots???

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I like how things look now, but I keep a folder for ideas, and tried to download a pic, and it's a weird file. Evidently you need their software to open the files? I had enough problems with them at first with spyware, I am NOT going to download any software from them, Any other ideas on how to download and view? Am I missing somewthing??? :o

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I used to enjoy a few minutes before starting work and

sometimes at lunch, viewing quilts on webshots. The site

and software is so buggy it has recently been "blocked" by

several government sites.

I just wish that there was an alternative with the ease of

uploads and gallery features that webshots has. I use

www.photobucket.com for my "multiple photo" posts here

and for my blog photos but it is not gallery style since it

offers the web markup language that makes it so easy to use.

And blogspot.com is becoming annoying, also. Up, down, up,

slow, what is that all about? I use my blog as a journal

mostly to remind me what thread, panto, stencil etc I used

with various quilts. Anybody know of a reliable blog? It

doesn't have to be free.

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Here's what works for me.

Look down towards the bottom right of the picture and you'll see several icons. One has a small picture in front of a large picture and this gives you a full size picture. Click on that. When that picture opens, right click on it and if you're using Firefox, it says "Copy Image". If using IE, it just says "Copy". Do that and then open up Paint or PSP or whatever your photo editing program might be. Paste the image into there and save it however you'd like to save it.

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