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Tickled Pink

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Sept. 30. 2006, is Quilt it Pink. I went to the local quilt shop to pick up the calendar that my Breast Cancer Awareness quilt is in October 2007, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Girl, did it turn out cute. They then teased me that it would be great if I would display it in the store as people have come to do pink blocks and buy the calendar. I said it was on the way back from Florida, QuiltFest 06.

When I picked up mail upon returning home, I found the slip from the mail lady saying she had my package. Girl, I tracked her down and signed to receive it. So nice to have it back. I opened it up at home, and found one of the best, largest, most beautiful quilted 3rd place ribbons. I promptly delivered it to the LQS for display. I took a picture there with its ribbon. They also were impressed by the details of the ribbon?.

JL will be proud, I gave credit to MQX.

?THEY ARE JUST BOOBS UNTIL YOU LOSE THEM!? Pieced by Deb Rolek, Deb says, ?This was a Machine Quilters Expo Challenge in support of Breast Cancer research. I made this educational and humorous quilt to help in prevention of breast cancer and in support of a wonderful gal who continued to giggle at the photos as the quilt evolved. What can you say about a quilt with 100 pairs of boobs? ?Get Them Checked?Get Them Checked Often!??

PS: Maybe you will remember, I did this quilt in support of all quilters but during the time Laurie Shepstone was having a difficult time with treatments. I felt if she desired to support the cause, I should. She did giggle a lot too, so did Treh, her hubby.

I bought them as I am proud, but using them for quick Christmas Gifts but they will be going out soon as the Calendar is 16 month with each having a cookie recipe. If you have interest contact the Adel Quilting and Dry Goods. www.adelquilting.com and have them mail one, price should be right around $15.00 with shipping. I will put pictures at the end of the challenge quilt folder on page 2 of the quilt with the ribbon, (very proud) and the calendar page.

Debbie Rolek


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Wow, great job on that quilt! I loved all of the embellishments you added to it, and I also liked the quilted white ribbon you won, too. Lots of personality (or shall I say "personalities"...) ;) you have on that quilt. Congrats on a job well done.

OK, well I'm off to the bathroom to go check myself. :) Thanks for the reminder...


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