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Bobbin Winder

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I have the stand alone bobbin winder that I've been using for several months now. Just today it started leaving black sticky gunk on the back of the bobbin. From the picture attached, it seems to be coming from the small black rubber washer on the back of the post that holds the bobbin for winding. See how it is worn pretty unevenly? You can also see residue from the black gunk on the bobbins AFTER I cleaned them. The stuff is really hard to get off.

I took the washer off. The bobbins wind ok until about half way done, then they start to wind pretty unevenly and they get really hot!! So, I'm guessing that it's probably not ok to run the bobbin winder without this washer. :( I'm going back to the bobbin winder on the machine for now until I can figure out what the problem is.

Anyone else ever had this kind of problem with the stand alone bobbin winder? Any idea what the problem might be?



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Hi Debbi,

You can order a new rubber washer to go back on the spindle of the bobbin winder. The reason it got hot was by taking off the rubber washer, this caused the bobbin to start to spin or free wheel when about 1/2 full. You might be running your tension too tight on the winder for it to wear out that rubber washer so fast. Just call and we can get you a new one. :)


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