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My Mini is here!! My Mini is here!!!

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I kept checking my mailbox faithfully every day...but, alas, no package. Then last night when we got home, I checked again and there was a big fluffy package stuffed way in the back. The return address said Tracey Russell, Little Britain, Canada. I was so excited!:D:P:D

Inside was the most beautiful wall hanging, something I would never make for myself. It has applique and embellishments and the colors of the birds and flowers are just gorgeous.

Here's a pic of the front...


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Tracey even included this goodie bag! The bag is beautiful and will go immediately into my sewing kit of things I take to classes. I can't wait to show it off!!

Also included were these beautiful threads, the batting tape and look at this lovely, BRIGHT ORANGE (my favorite color) little Quilt Happy notebook. I scored!!!!

Thank you so much Tracey...your work is beautiful and I love everything you sent. Especially my new wall hanging...Thank you!:)


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Yaaaayyyy!!!!! I was getting nervous! LOL Man, that took a long time! I even emailed Shannon last night asking if you'd gotten it yet. I'm glad you like it. It is my first raw edge applique and I didn't know till after the fact that you are supposed to use batiks. The fabric I used is from Ricky Timms line and it is all gradated colours.

Lyn, the pattern is from Virginia Robertson. It is simply called Bird Banners.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!!

Dory...enjoy the goodies.


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