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Milli Bobbin Winder Needs Adjustment

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With all the talk about having the bobbin thread be the same as the top, I was wondering how everyone wound their bobbins.

Do you use the bobbin winder on the side of the machine (I have a Millie)? I have not beeen able to make that work successfully.

I usually wind them on my regular sewing machine but I fear that I don't get it wound tight enough or even enough.

I know some others use a standalone winder but I can't see going to more expense for that.


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Hi All,

The on board bobbin winder on the Mille. does need adjusting from time to time. Many times in shipping, they get bounced around. There is a way to thread it so the tension will be tighter. Also,we can adjust the little gold lever side to side to fix the evenness of the fill.

If you could call me, I can walk you through these minor adjustments.


Connie Hurst

Apqs Service

Connie Hurst

APQS Service Mgr/Tech.

800-426-7233 ext. 6

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