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Quilt Top Advice of a different kind


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Good Morning!

I am attaching a picture from my favorite quilt customer. She is working on a stretch project and has a concern about the top. I have seen this woman make amazing strides from the very first top I quilted for her. She is just so fun to quilt for.

Here is what she wrote:

Now I remember why I hate to applique. It took me all afternoon just to applique on the inner circle and the outer circle.It was keeping down a 1/4" outer seam especially with the several layers of the compass that made it so difficult.

If you look at my attachement note the waviness of the outer brown fabric. This occurred from appliquing the mariner's compass to the underneath piece of material. I now have to work on 12 additonal borders, only one which makes me nervous.

My question is: is there anything at this point I need to do due to the waviness, or do I just keep going and hope for the best...or, gulp, do I quit?

So, what do you guys think? I told her about the spray and starch method but will that help or make things worse?


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Did she cut away the background fabric behind the circle? This happens when you pull too tight on the stitches when appliqueing. It can be helped by starting with a nicely starched piece of background fabric. She can try blocking it by laying it out with pins to block it. She should dampen it and block it and then spray with starch and let it dry.

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