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I hope you remember my "Ugly Underwear" wall quilt which resulted from a guild challenge. We were required to use a paint-chip color and a letter of the alphabet--randomly chosen--to build a small wall quilt incorporating both in the design.

I was given a blah ugly gray color and the letter "U".

Challenge--yeah, you could say that.

These small quilts were hung at a local bookstore for Olympia's Art Walk last month. And someone wanted to purchase this one!

She loved the "positive body image" portrayed and since speaking to her I offered to make her a replica/duplicate of the quilt.

You never know where your customers will spring from! I have a new friend and "admirer"--she said she has decorated her bedroom with vintage undergarments and this will fit in beautifully.

I am tickled!:)


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That's too funny and a neat story/outcome! A lady in our guild was telling about a purse she made from a pretty bra today that brought big bucks at a charity auction recently (the story of her embellishments sent us all belly laughing)! I bet it would go good with your quilt!

Congratulations on the commission quilt!

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Oh yes i remember the darn girdle, wouldn't think of getting dressed up and not have a girdle. Oh my that does age me alot. Do you girls remember the rubber girdle made by playtes. Mine split up the side one day and that was the end of me wearing firdles. And to top it all off I only weighted 122 lbs. You young ones can have a goodlaugh.

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