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Won my first ribbons!

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Our quilt guild's show was this weekend and I am so excited to report that I won my first ribbons in quilt competition. I won in the bed quilt category and the baby quilt category. Here are some pictures one post a a time.

My "Civil War Tribute" quilt won in the bed category.


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I should say that I didn't have many quilts to compete with in the baby quilt category. There weren't many quilts entered as most of the gals said when they make baby quilts they give them away. The bed quilt category however had some pretty awesome competition so I am pretty tickled with that. And the quilt show was great advertising for me as my name was on many many quilts as the quilte.r I was handstitching by the side lines as kind of a demo thing and I had a name tag on and quite a few gals said "Oh, you're Robin. I saw your name on many quilts" and I gave out a few gals my infor. So, great exposure. All in all a great weekend for me. Now, I have to get back to work as I have four quilts due by the end of May!

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The guild raffle quilt is 'STARBURST' BY Derek Lockwood. The guild members from Wolf Point MT put the quilt together, and Della Gardner owner of the Plaid Square Quilt Store in Glasgow MT, CUSTOM quilted it for us. She did a beautiful job on the quilting, using a varigated blue thread and in a few places a tan thread. It was a bit of a challenging quilt to do, but some that worked on it, now want to try to do one of their own.

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