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I only want to let you know, that I wasn?t able to answer to any of these interesting threads .....because of missing time!;) Not because of loosing interest!!!!!;)

I?ve done two shows in the last four weeks - one in France, one in Germany, both of them take me away from home a complete week!

Next week I?ll do the next (the last one of the year!)show in Netherlands: I?m happy and proud that Myrna Ficken will be on my and Philippe?s side;):D

And now I?m preparing the program of the Open House Week in Krefeld, starting end of january........;):cool:

If anyone has an idea to buy TIME ;):cool::D at a shop.....please let me know..*lol*

Have a great weekend.......

Best wishes from over the ocean

Claudia Pfeil

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Guest Linda S

I think that is something we all need more of Claudia! Even those of us who don't go and set up booths at shows! I don't know how you do it and still manage to create such beautiful quilts. I hope you get some time for rest when you get home.


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