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It's finally done. It is 92 x 112 so I didn't think it would ever end. While it isn't my flavor so to speak I'm happy with the way it came out and I hope my customer loves it. I like all my quilting choices. I used a lot of Deloa's techniques. I used her Little One Ruler for SID & cross hatching in each block, 8" boomerang for curved crosss-hatching and I am so proud to say I did my feather's both up and down the spine. That is the hardest thing in the world for me to do but I'm pleased with the results. The outside border is Jessica's (Deloa's daughter) Amish curl feather. Loads of fun to do! I also used my quiltazoid for the cross hatching in the 6" border. The blocks are all different so to pull them together I was sure to CH, SID, dense line fill and feather in each block. I threw in cc's and tt's where appropriate. I used wool batthing, metro thread top & bottom line bobbin.

Whole quilt:


8 borders:


some blocks



pillow shams


back of pillow sham


back of quilt


One more


There are more pictures in my webshots if you still want to see more.

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Originally posted by anniquilter

OMG Heidi! When do you get to sleep? That must have taken ages. It's beautiful - well done!

Sleep? I'm supposed to sleep? LOL no really I don't quilt after 9 pm. This was on my frame for less than 2 weeks which is pretty good give that I only quilt for about 2 hours an evening and 8 hours max on the weekend. This one was only on the machine for one weekend and I finished it Sat. night. I quilted about 9 hours on Sat. and was bound and determined to get it done. I have been pushing myself to try to get caught up. I got a small lap done tonight and I was happy to do a panto on it! No stress and no thinking.

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