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I recently got my new Freedom set up - I practiced on 5 CASA quilts and got used to Squiggy - YES I name my machines. I then started on my own. Did a small challenge quilt... THEN since I never have done a panto I thought it was time to give it a try. This quilt was made with swap blocks - I used a President's Challenge fabric in the center of the 9 patches (now my guild challenge is done to) I think I did pretty good for the 1st try.

Since I don't know how to post a 2nd is the link to my blog that you can see the rest of the pictures of Bright Ghetto.

Have a great day

Laverne (my Pfaff sewing machine)


Shirley (that's me!)


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No that was my name for it - there was no pattern for was in a magazine YEARS ago. I brought it before our internet quilting group and we decided we would make it a swap. I made PDF files, did a lesson on how to do the roof, and we had GREAT success with it - the house blocks were AMAZING...the girls did GREAT!

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Hi Shirley,

LOVE, LOVE this quilt! Wouldn't it be awesome with my 30s collection of fabrics? I'm willing to trade something, ANYthing for those patterns! Well, maybe not my CompuQuilter! :P

BTW, I'm also a Pfaff lover. My l475CD is still humming along after almost 25 years! Which model do you have?

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Thank you ladies...WOW what a wonderful supportive group this is. I've been lurking but I think I have to come in here more often. I've had the embroidery 7570 for MANY years. I got it because my DH bought a new Harley - so I had to have something to!! lol

The president's challenge is in the center of each 9 patch...very tiny...but hey we only had 1/8 of a yd! also in once corner of the multicolored border...I'm trying to use up my stash...I think I'm good till the year 2025.

Darlene...check your email

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Since I don't know how to post a 2nd is the link to my blog . . .

You should be able to post multiple pictures as long as you have them posted elsewhere online. I don't know how to do that, but that's the "magic" of posting multiple pictures. Those who do not have the pictures stashed somewhere online have to post each picture as a separate entry.

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Karen...Squiggy and I are bonding !!!! Just finished a customer's today - Mailing it back home tomorrow. I also do quilting for our guild's service project of making quilts for CASA. I have about 4 of them to do to!

I think you will be as in "love" as I am with your Freedom.

Actually my Bright Ghetto has been talked about by saying it is too bright to sleep under...would keep you awake! lol

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