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NQR Robin's Latest Wildlife Adventure...long story

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I'm out with my dogs as usual but it's been raining so instead of our long walk I decide to go out back of our house and down the hill so they can explore a while. Anyway, my chocolate lab comes upon a nesting (I think) duck and as it trys to fly he catches it and puts it down on the ground and I'm thinking "Oh, no!" but what can I do. So the duck manages to get itself to a barely 5 foot around little water hole and proceeds to duck under the water to keep away from my chocolate lab and by then the yellow lab was joining in to try to catch it too. I'm at a loss with no leash and no way to control the dogs but I want to help the duck. So I decide I'm goiing to catch it if I can and get it to the bigger pond about 20 feet away. Then I knew the duck would dust the dogs if it could get to a big body of water. What a show that must have been...2 labs and a water drenched woman trying to catch a duck that is ducking under the water and popping up across the little water hole and avoiding all of us. I thought the poor thing would have a heart attack or that maybe I would, but the yellow lab finally got ahold of it and drops it on the bank and before I even thought about it, I had the duck in my arms and was running it to the big pond. She was so calm with me and I set her down in the big pond and gave her a little pat on her but and off she swam. My yellow lab caught up about then and proceeded to swim after her but the duck dusted him by diving under and totally losing him. I left him down there still swimming around trying to find the duck. And my chocolate lab was still at the little pond sticking his head in the water trying to find the duck. He missed the whole thing! I am amazed that that little duck didn't fight me at all. I didn't hold her tight or anything, I was really gentle with her. It was almost like she knew I would help her. Needless to say, we won't be going back that way for awhile. And I hope and pray that if she was on a nest that she goes back to it and that her wing is alright. I might have to go down in a day or two without any dogs and see if there is a nest there and if she is with it again. Oh, this heart I have for animals is going to be the end of me. If you had said to me, "Robin today you will pick up a wild duck and run with it to another pond to set it free", I would have said "No, way!".

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Jan, I think I'll leave the dogs home next time! At least when I go down that way again, anyway.

We are getting so much rain that it's throwing everything off kilter. Some friends of ours have a little wire haired dog, I can't remember what breed it is, but it has been bringing goose eggs up on their deck. Unbroken goose eggs. They wondered how he was getting the eggs out of the nests without getting the tar beaten out of him by a mother goose! They finally figured out that the water here at the lake is getting so high that it is washing eggs out of nests and when they end up on the shore Max picks them up and brings them home. He's been bringing home baby bunnies too and washing them and cleaning them off but not hurting them. I wonder if they are being forced from their nests as well.

Anyway, watch for me on the Discovery Channel for my next wildlife adventure (or maybe just on this forum)! Who knows, maybe I'll be the next Crocodile Hunter (not!).

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I haven't checked on her yet as I wanted her to feel safe if she went back. I will check on her in the a.m....without the dogs! I do want to see if there are eggs there. I don't think there are baby ducklings as I'm sure I would have had to save them all as well! I still can't believe I picked up a wild duck and ran with her. I had no idea what she would do. I could be noseless right now!

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