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Listening to tornado report on the weather channel while quilting--there's one in Minnesota and one just East of me.. We are used the alerts here in the KC area and we think about where we need to get to just in case. They can hit anywhere-- as has happened repeatedly the past few years. Take a few minutes to think of the safest place in your home for you and your family. Discuss the plans with your family. Train your children!!!

My childern have known the drill since they were very young. My oldest now 35 directed all of us when she was 5 as to what we needed to do--she's always been bossy! Course Mom had made the plans!

Luckily the funnel bounced back into the sky. She kept the other 2 younger ones calm with a book while I was the look-out at the top of the basemnent stairs. We lived in the counrty so were often on our own for weather situations. I've had them hit just a couple hundred yard from my home.

When I was looking for a house it had to have a basement for my Mille -- and me. My Millie is in the second safest room-- I'd be hiding in my bathroom-- no windows and the outside wall is mostly underground--my Millie won't fit !!

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According to family lore, when my grandfather was a child (1898 or thereabouts) in northern Wisconsin, a storm was approaching and his father herded the family into the cellar. Grandfather, old enough to be cocky but not yet old enough to be smart, said that he wasn't afraid of any old storm and sat defiantly at the top of the steps. His father grabbed him by the nape of the neck and hauled him downstairs. When they got to the bottom of the steps, the house was gone from above them!

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Yes...everyone should know what to do, no matter how old. It may only happen once in your lifetime...hopefully never...but being prepared is the best we can do.

The recent tornadoes here were all I needed to be glad the fixer we bought 6 yrs ago has a basement. The next best reason for the basement, though, is for the Millie. :-)


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We went to the "cave" more than once when I was a kid. We had an underground root celler where veggies, etc. were stored. Dad would prop the door open with some bricks in case a tree fell on it.

We live in the country now, too, but have a good basement. I, too, would go into the bathroom down there. No windows. My Millie is in the basement, too. I was down there today quilting and would come up every now and then to check the weather radar and look outside. We were under tornado warnings for a while.

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