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Remember a couple weeks ago when I had all the wasp stings? I was picking up Benedryl at the pharmacy when a new customer called me with a "rush" job. She had made a quilt for her granddaughter's graduation and wanted to know if I could quilt it by June 1. I asked her if it was ready and I would stop by to pick it up. She said she just had to finish sewing the "bottom" and would have it ready in a while. "Bottom"? She said she had sewed it up all the sides and flipped it inside out and as soon as she sewed the bottom closed it was ready. I explained that longarming doesn't work like that, but she lived right by the pharmacy so I drove on over.

Lovely lady, said she doesn't know how to sew, bought a $50 machine at WalMart, pre-cut fabric squares at JoAnn's and put the quilt top together. She layered it with the backing (white muslin) and batting just like the gal at JoAnn's told her. When she flipped it inside out the batting was on the outside. I pointed that out to her and she said, no problem, just leave it that way. I convinced her to let me take it apart and quilt it the correct way. She was so sweet, she said "oh, could you?"

I said, "no problem". When I asked her for a tape measure to get the dimensions, she brought me a carpenter's steel tape!

I took it home, figuring I couldn't work that day because of my hand, but maybe I could take her layers apart. Took it apart then decided to load it (all while holding an icepack on my hand) and figured I would go ahead and get the first row sewed. Used my CL Swirls board and was able to quilt the entire quilt with one hand. Got it all finished up, next day made the binding and machine sewed it on.

When I delivered it to her, she squealed, "that isn't MY quilt!"; what did you do to it; it's SO beautiful" and burst into tears!

I finally convinced her that it was indeed her quilt and she had done a wonderful job, despite her first efforts and no previous sewing knowledge! Her husband remarked, "well, we'll see you next year cause we have another granddaughter graduating NEXT June"!!


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I use steel retractable tape measures all the time. I have 2 in my studio and one in my pocketbook. They don't stretch so they are more accurate than a flexible tape measure. I would assume they are carpenture's tape measures.

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Guest Linda S

I love first time quilters. I always do my best, even if they have some piecing issues, to make that quilt as nice as I can. You end up with improving piecers who become very loyal customers. Way to go!

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Oh, that is a sweet story. You know some people are so intimidated when bringing their first quilt to a Longarmer. You made it a great experience for her and it sounded like her husband was happy, too. I always get a kick out of it when husbands are just as tickled with the quilts.

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It's weird how things happen!

I recieved a quilt by post and her name is Vicki too, she apologised in advance for "inconsistencies" in her piecing, done some time ago, It' the Lakehouse, BOM, someone posted finished pics of one a few weeks ago, I asked her permission to re-do the borders 'coz the mitres were way off and she's delighted that I suggested that, however while I was unpicking borders I found lots and lots of places where seam allowances were down to 1 or 2 threads and a few spots where it's already frayed apart eeeck!!

It just seemed like the right thing to do to just go through and sort it and now I've read your post and all the comments, I know the extra hours and hours it's taken will be worthwhile, if nothing else I know it won't come apart as I quilt it!



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