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Hi Ann,

If you are asking for quilting treatments for those large setting triangles, I sometimes add a circular motif--a feathered or leafy wreath--and then either echo or quilt a fill around it. You can also divide the triangle into smaller triangles or a square surrounded by smaller triangles and quilt similar motifs in each space. It depends or your time constraints and/or your customer's wallet. I'll see what I can find in my photos.

Here is a small lone star with funky wreaths in the setting squares and triangles. I used half-wreaths in the triangles and decided it needed a bit more quilting in the corners so I added the extra bits to fill in the space.


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Nice quilt Linda and very good ideas.

Triangles are always something that make me think! LOL I will normally do feathered wreaths in something like a lone star with full wreaths in the squares and 1/2 wreaths in the triangles. I like do a v shape and then feathers and use that a lot. I also like to do heart shapes. Sometimes just breaking the triagle up into to smaller shapes helps to find something that will work. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing other ideas.

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Linda R. and Rebecca, your ideas are WONDERFUL! This is going in my fav's for future reference. Ann, thanks for asking the it will be fun to see what other pictures are added! Rebecca, I especally love the square with the leaves using variegated thread. Was that a stencil or how did you do that design? It's beautiful! ;)

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