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NQR - ? for quilty friends in Australia

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We don't have AT&T as a carrier . We have Telstra, Optus Vodaphone as the major providers. Coverage is everywhere except the "Outback" unless you have satellite.

I-phones are in use everywhere,( I have an old digital but it does what I need).

My husband and children use HTC Desire phones and they get internet GPS etc with them.

I will ask my husband when he gets home tonight if their is still a difference between countries. When we travelled in 2005 we took my digital as I could set it up for International.

Be aware that if you bring a phone from home then the charges are extra on your phone for the redirection?


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Last trip Geoff and I took to the States, we took two phones. We kept one Aussie Sim card for the kids to use as an emergency contact only.

I then went online and purchased a US Sim card to use whilst in the States to make reservations etc. This we used on the other 'phone. We are a country far away and to the South, but we do have most modern conveniences. :P:cool:;) - I phones included. In fact, I have mine newly delievered and ready to set up. Looking for a Sim on the internet might be an option to look at because you can compare prices, coverage, data allowances etc, plus you will know the new 'phone number before she leaves.

As Lyn mentioned, coverage is very good except in the country areas, so it really depends on where your daughter is going to travel. Since Australia is also geared to tourism in most parts, there are lots of internet cafes etc.

Whichever way you decide to go, make sure that the mobile is actually able to be used overseas - that international roaming has not been locked!

I hope she has a great time over here. If she wants any backup or base, she is most welcome to use us should she be in the area. My children range from 22 to 27 and they will be more than happy to lead an American astray! ;):cool: (Maybe I shouldn't say that to Mum? :D



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Thanks Susanne and Lyn, I will pass on this information to my daughter....I am thinking she should just pick up something to use while there, but she wants to have internet access as well...I just want to know she is ok and for her to have the ability to check in now and then...I'll let you know what she decides to do and thanks for your information and input...

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