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Oh yes, I see feathered rings all around the area that has the triangle pink centers, and CH those center diamonds!

Then in the areas that are solid pink, get your chalk and chalk out a "plus" down and across the middle area. Then, quilt the feather's off the cross guideline.

SID in the ribbon areas, and the first small border that matches the ribbons in the quilt.

In the green border, you also could feather rope that!

And Piano Key the outside border, since it's so busy, and that would kinda match the CH you do in the diamond center blocks!

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Hi Cheri, I have been quilting for a bout a year now and I am still not very good at free hand feathers so I would use my Circle Lord feather wreath for the center squares with a free hand small meander to fill the background then use the feather border template for the borders. Ii is very easy and turns out beautifully. I fiind it also quilts up very quickly. Good Luck, please post a picture.


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