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Flooding of the Missouri River is now encompassing farm fields and communities. The reality is now visual for all of us that live up and down the I-29 corridor between the Missouri Border and Sioux City, Iowa.

The floods have already changed our lives so much from corporations and business leaving the area to the potential thoughts of our entire school being under water for a good portion of the beginning of the school year.

Please keep your hopes high for us in this area, and I pray that the waters recede quickly.

So many nasty storms this year... I must be having a deep, dark moment.

I best be quilting today to lighten the mood and create something beautiful!!!

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SCARY !!! A niece and her family live out that way near Logan/Missouri Valley.

Marion/Mahaska County had 3-4" of rain overnight, so flash flood warnings are out. Water is over highway 92 between our house and town. Twice in the last week, this has happened. We can detour around on the soggy, squish gravel if we have to.

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I live not to far from the FT Peck Dam, so the flooding is impacting our area, people are being displaced, lots of farm land will not be planted this year due to the water...and lots of water. I've lived here all my life and have never seen this much goes for miles and miles....and it does effect everyone, whether you are in the water/flooding or not. My heart breaks for all these people who are struggling with this.. Thoughts to you also.

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Thanks for reminding us to pray for all that have been impacted by the storms and floods. The news hits it big when it happens and a few days later goes on to something else. These are long term problems that people will be hurting with for months. They are not gone just because the news has gone on to something else.

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Jeri, we have several fields between Mondamin, IA and Blenco, IA. The inundation maps show it to be in 2-4 feet of water. So all that has been planted there will be a loss.

The town of Modale has been instructed to evacuate and power will be turned off as soon as the flood waters get there. The entire downtown and lower parts of Missouri Valley are expected to be in multiple feet of water very soon. The railroad is already in raising the bed of the tracks right now so they can keep one line through here going.

The water levels coming down the Missouri are to be at 150 cubic feet per second (CFS) by Thursday. There has not been flooding like this since 1952, in our area. There is no levy system along the Missouri from about sioux city to just before Omaha, Ne. So all we have is the river bank and some agricultural constructed levies. These are not expected to hold the amount of flood waters coming through. The Missouri usually runs at 89 cfs. It is expected to run at 150 until sometime in August. At least that is what the Army corp of Engineers is saying around here. But there is the potential of it running even higher. Any additional rain fall will probably over flood our tributaries which the Missouri is backflowing into.

JudyLynn - I feel for you guys too!!! It is just astonding looking at just miles of water. I've watched men tear out their corn fields, with beautiful crops right now, to push up earthen levies in hopes of saving their farmsteads. It's just heartbreaking.

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