a lot of firsts going into this quilt

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I am soooo excited!!!! If you were to see me right now you would laugh. I haven't showered yet, my hair is sticking up in every direction. lol I have on a snap down the front house dress, a washable blue marker behind my ear and a stapler in my pocket.

BUT, I can't stop!!! lol here are the firsts

First "large quilt"

First "use of the circle lord" on a quilt

First "use of double batting, cotton on the bottom and poly on top"

First "use of pre wound bobbins"

First "Dresden Plate ever done on a long arm"

lol I think I will be busy all day. hehe

Sorry to bore you all, but I can't stand it!!!!!

See I am NUTS!!!

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Guest Linda S

Penny - good for you for jumping in with both feet. I had such a good time playing with my machine when I first got it, but at the first sign of trouble, I just got afraid and wouldn't go near it. It took a long time for me to get back up there and start practicing again. I'm glad you have no fear!!

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Penny I'm laughing with you this week I got so involved in a quilt I looked like something the dog brought home!!lol Was so involved DH came home from work in the afternoon and the look on his face was so funny because I didn't even get dressed. Had spilled my coffee down tshirt, hair ruffled and still no shower at 3 in the afternoon. So glad your having fun. I was slower at getting started when I got my machine but now just stitching away. Let's see some pics.

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