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Good Morning!

I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a pen for using on an autograph quilt.

I'm using Girl Scout fabric for the front (fun!), and muslin on the back and would like to have the girls sign the back for a girl who is moving and leaving our troop.


Kimberly Lathrop

Grapevine Quilting

2009 Lenni w/ IQ Carriage

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My daughter got married last Saturday. I made her a DWR quilt top from fabric she and her husband collected over the past year during travels. He is from Germany. At showers and at the wedding, guests signed the backing fabric with the Micron 01 Pigma Archival Pen which I purchased at JoAnn's. Now I am wondering how to quilt the back. Use invisible thread in the bobbin? Don't want the thread to cover the signatures and the messages.

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There is a pen called Identi-pen made specifically for this. Made by Sakura and about $2 each. It works well and it doesn't need to be heat set. I have heard that the Pigma pens need to be ironed to not fade a bit.

Donna--use So Fine or BottomLine in the bobbin to match the backer fabric and as long as there is no micro-stitching, the signatures should be very readable. Invisible thread works fine in the bobbin but I have problems winding it evenly on the bobbin. :)

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For the blocks I had my sisters wedding guest sign I used the Pental gel roller for fabric. I can tell you that this pen writes wonderfully. I think it comes in black , blue, and red only. I also got a sheet of sandpaper from the home improvement store and glued it to a large peice of poster board so the fabric could be placed on top and it kept it from shifting. Then you just heat set the blocks after.

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