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What's not perfect about it? It looks fabulous! Please tell me you used the Circle Lord to do that, cause if that's freehand after what, a week with your new machine, I'm going to go shoot myself. I've had my machine a lot longer and certainly can't do that! It's beautiful, don't beat yourself up.

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Originally posted by Pennyquilts

thank you gals, keep in mind, LOL you are getting the 2 foot look, any closer and you would see why I said they aren't perfect. :) I am really having a good time with the Circle lord. I have so many plans for it.

If any one gets closer than 2 feet..they are looking for mistakes and you should slap them :D:P

This is a testiment to how easy the CL is to use. Penny called me.....a time of two....a little afraid to get started. I talked her through it over the phone and she got. Then away she goes....I think we have created a monster!! ;)

WTG are doing so good!!

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Originally posted by Susan Grady

Are you kidding! It's gorgeous! And, the stitching around the plates is a perfect complement.

Just wondering.....have you slept or showered yet? :D:D:D

Yes to both, lol figured it was time for a shower when the dog wouldn't sleep next to me. LOL


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