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That is truly beautiful. It is so balanced and has such a nice warm flow to it. I added it to my favorites.

How nice that you named it after your grandparents....what a wonderful tribute to them.


When we connect with our roots, we understand more of who we are.

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Yes Dollie, this was an online class with Sharon. This was just my first practice drawing, I figured I would quilt this up first to see where I could improve and then start my orginal drawing that has been laying here for a year. When you look at it close up my lines need to be wider apart or add more line in order for them to show up. They got lost with the back ground fill .... and I forgot to quilt the lines in on one side, I got carried away with the background fill ...... :D:D lol Oh well, I can use this for a demo and then give it away.

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Susan ...... you can print out your designs for greeting cards, tags, etc. until lyou get your machine, then you will be ready to quilt when you get your machine.

I also took serveral class with Karen McTavish, she is a great teacher also. Infact she is the one that told me to get going on quilting up these designs when I saw her at MQS.

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