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Jacqueline Vaughn

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  • 4 years later...

Have an Internet web site

A blog site with lots of photos

Put your quilts in quilt shows and local fairs

Frequent places like this chat

Advertise in quilting magazines

Local newspapers

Classified ads

TV ads and Radio --- OK TV and radio might be a little spendy but...you could do it.


Sell samples on consignment at boutiques and specialty stores in your area (like home dec and baby stores, etc.)

Perhaps if your have enough samples you could even have your own exhibit at a local gallery?

Here's something that happened recently to me: As a "thanks for help" gift for a coworker (who works at another city about 350 miles away) who in the past always seems to come through for me, I made her a table runner and quilted it and sent it as an appreciation gift. She absolutely loved it and showed it around to everyone at work and hung it on her wall. Well, one of our fellow coworkers that works with her in that department called me on the phone and wants me to quilt a top for her. So, perhaps have some samples hanging on the wall at your office for decoration only (no soliciting during work of course) and if anyone asks, you can tell them you do quilting services.

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She went back to a full time job in 2006 I think it was....she hasn't logged on since July of that year.....greatly missed, and very talented. MAybe she doesn't even still have her machine or just to busy to come play with us. I did email her last year and never got a reponse.... Oh, well.

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