Recommended Posts sent out an e-mail saying that they are close enough to the U.S. that if you order they will take it into the states once or maybe twice per week and ship through the U.S. post office. I order through them, usually get things pretty quickly. I also like quilts complete.

I just looked at her site. They aren't shipping right now, bummer.

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I'm a new Lenni owner too! I started with Urban Elementz - they were having a 20% off sale that I found out about on the forum :) They also have a 'panto of the month' club, which includes the panto and 4 complimentary designs (block, corners, triangles) what's really nice is the club price is 19.95 per month and is a good way to build up a variety without going broke all at once!

Hope you are enjoying your Lenni as much as I am!

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Jessica Schick is an ace, she goes out of her way to help with any patterns, Questions you may have and her customer support is above all!!! Just go to If you have special needs or designs she can also help you there too! Your more like a friend than a customer! Dave B.

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