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How to Use A Panto


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There are lots of videos showing you how to do pantos on utube, most are from people with a gammil and the table is a little differant but the idea is the same. I line mine up on the bottom of the plastic cover and most pantos have dotted lines along both edges that you can use to line up each row. I also just line up my quilt with the edge of the panto and do the half row along the edge of my quilt following the dotted lines. Then I go back and do the full panto using the solid lines. I put a piece of blue painter's tape at each edge of the quilt for a guideline to tell me where to watch for stopping. Once you finish a row, place your laser light (if you are using one) on the top of one of the dotted lines and roll your quilt forward til the last line you quilted lines up with the hopping foot. I always check in several places along the quilt to be sure all is even, then you are set to do the next row. When you get to the end, just quilt whatever is left to quilt on your quilt for the row til you reach the end. By starting and ending with half rows, it looks like the design just spills off the quilt on all sides when it is finished.

Clear as mud? Let us know if you have any ?

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Hi Susan,

Linda Taylor has this two part You Tube Video on doing pantographs.

This is the link to Part 1, when it's finished Part 2 will show up on the screen---It is very good, and one of the best visuals for doing pantographs I've ever seen.


Urban Elements has the a very good (easy to understand) written tutorial on lining up the second row of a Pantograph.


Hope this helps---

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