OMG***I can't believe I did it!

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My IQ is ordered, Hubby and I had a 3 hour orientation tonight and I just can't pass it up. What a beautiful system, we are so impressed.

I will be getting the tablet first and all training, then when the rest comes I will be ready to do some beautiful work like I see in the pictures some of you post. What a thrill!

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Hi Linda. I ordered my system through digizuz, aka Suzanne Moreno from Oregon. We had several meetings on the phone and computer and if anyone can teach me all there is to know, she will. I still haven't paid for my tablet, I was really hoping I could do that and get it shipped to me before Zoltan goes on vacation, but I guess that is a no go. The teaching will take place over the phone and computer, with me signing into a meeting room, seeing everything Suzanne does on her computer and then working on my tablet, what a great way for us, that are not able to travel to these teachers, to learn. Almost live!

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Guest Linda S

Monika - are you coming to MQX West in October? They are having computerized quilting mini-conferences. I'm signed up for four IQ classes. It will be nice to learn the intricacies of what this baby can do!

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