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Panto storage

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I think I found a good idea for storing pantos so they don't get bent. I first thought of a wine rack but couldn't find one around here so I found a hanging shoe storage at Walmart for $7.oo. Just in my price range. LOL This one has pockets that loop down and they fit in there perfect plus they are clear plastic. It holds 20 pair of shoes so there's plenty of room for alot of pantos.

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Great idea Kay! I have an equally cheap solution - I cut the tops off of olive oil cans will a can opener. They are so pretty. I cleaned and dried them well and use them for storage. I put a little alphabetic tag on each, so finding the one I need is easy (i.e. A-E would include "Alfresco").

It would be great to see what others have done too! They are hard to organize!

Here is a pic:


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Did you have to drink the wine before you had an empty box Kay? Tough assignment. Like how you stored your AccuQuilt dies too. The plastic shoe hanging rack looks wonderful. The decorator in me would want to choose the olive oil tins. Currently everything is hidden in dresser drawers since I like the room as bare as possible. Things using up visual space make me nervous and unsettled. Of course my cat would rather have more toys, always my quilting things. He climbs ladders so I'm sure he'd try the shoe rack.


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Loved these - quilters are so creative!

My particular favourite is "Quilt Junkie's ladder". I need to show that to my husband so that he can make me one. :)

Then I will wait a couple of weeks while he does nothing about it. :(

Then I will go out and buy what I think it needs to make one. :)

At that stage he will tell me that he was GOING to do it and I shouldn't nag .... though I haven't said a word about it. :mad:

Then I will wait a day or two (or maybe a little longer if I am busy doing other stuff), and finally I will get out the tool box and make it myself! ;)

I can see already how useful it will be!! :cool: Thanks for the great ideas

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Great topic, I take a while sometimes finding the one I am looking for !!! that ladder is a great idea.

And Kay your wine pack inner is also great in those cubby holes. Perhaps I could take up wine drinking now I have gone cold turkey with the diet coke !!!! then I would have lots of panto storage.


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Since this was posted, I've changed my olive oil tins. I really liked them, but they did not hold too many. I remembered I had a 'shoe' box and I thought this might work. Well it fit perfectly! Here is a picture. It has 15 sections, and is currently holding about 55 panto's. I think there is easily room for 150!

I will miss my pretty tins though!:(:(


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