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NQR My Family is in Need of Prayers Please

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When it rains it seems to poor... about 6 months ago my Aunt Margie's DH Bruce passed away, 18 months ago my Grandmother and my Aunt Janet passed away and now today I received some bad news from my mom that my Uncle Joe (whose wife Janet passed 18 mos prior) has cancer in his lungs, rib, and kidney. It's fast growing because he had a complete physical not more than 6 mos ago and he had a clean bill of health (so it doesn't look good).

My mom also informed me that she has been having alot of seizures lately, the docs say that they are comming from the left side of her brain and affecting her right side. She had an MRI today to try to figure out the cause of these seizures but no news as of yet. Pretty worried about mom because my step bro Dan had seizures and it was due to a brain tumor that eventually killed him. I am hoping that it is due to something not life threatening and can be managed with meds.

Also my DH is trying for a much needed promotion within his company and we found out that his application was sent onto the next step of the process, we're praying for an interview that leads to the promotion.

I know that this is alot to ask but if you wouldn't mind, my family has gone through alot of loss these past few years and we could really use some heavy duty prayers to help us get through all of this. Thank you.

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So sorry for all you have been through, and are still going through now. Praying for you and your family to find peace, and feel God's grace and strength in the midst of this stormy of life. ((((((((hugs))))))))



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Joann, that is a lot to be worried about. Sending ((((((Hugs)))))) and prayers for your family and for you. Keep us posted.


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