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Hi All,

This is Mom's scrappy kaleidoscope quilt I just finished. Mom has worked on this off and on for several years. She finally got it to a size large enough for her bed, so we added the border and loaded it on Millie. I was afraid it was going to be a problem to quilt. With all those triangle, it was not entirely flat. It had a distinct hour glass shape, and individual blocks that had a bit of fullness in them. I used a poly batting with a little loft to it, and it quilted up beautifully. It is now nice and flat, and you'd have to put a measuring tape on it to find any difference in the dimensions.

This is just a very simple quilt. but I'm quite proud of it. It's also great that I can mark off one more UFO!

Thanks for looking.:)


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Thank you all for the nice comments. There's nothing fancy about this quilt, but I guess it's appeal for me is in its bright colors and the very old fashion, traditional feel to it.

Shanna, you make me laugh. If you want to make one of these, it's only got 2 pattern pieces, and uses up many many scraps. Just requires a bit of patience and perserverance! :)

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