One more UFO finished! Lots of photos.

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This is another one of Mom's quilts. This is all hand appliqued from a kit she purchased years ago. She would work on it for a while, then put it away. Later, she'd pulled it out and work on it some more, until she finally finished it earlier this year. The quilting lines were pre-marked, so I did my best to follow them, but it's not perfect. That's why there aren't any really close up pics of the quilting!;) We estimate this was started 15 years ago.


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Beautiful quilt! Tis sometimes a challange to adapt the ones pre-marked for hand quilting.

The blue markings wash out easily. I had a customer who did alot of pre-marked kits both applique and cross-stitch. She often wanted me to quilt it as marked. She did smaller panels that were then pieced togeter as she was confined to a wheelchair and she could work on those more easily. She lived nearby so I always picked up and delivered her quilts so I almost always was able to see the quilts after they were bound and washed.

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Thanks for your wonderful comments. They're very encouraging, and make me think, maybe I can get good at this. :)

Vicki, yes, it's all needle turn applique. Mom and I both love applique, but she did almost all of this quilt. I think I might have put on one or two pieces. The hand work gave her something she could sit and work on while watching TV, or just resting.

Linda, the little blue dots used to mark the quilting lines did not completely wash out, but you have to be really close to the quilt before you can see them. I think they probably would have come out, if the top were not so old. There are areas where the top got wet while working on it, the dots washed out of those areas.

Kay and Kristina, thanks, Mom and I do make a good team. We bounce ideas off each other and argue back and forth over colors. We work really well together, but our taste is sometimes VERY different. Makes for some wonderful variety!

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