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I've spoken by phone with this gentleman, and am trying to help him out as the local rep. Below are his comments about a machine that he is looking to send on to a good home.

My parents bought a APQS Ultimate I a few years ago, it is lightly used

(Mom and Dad was only able to make 5 quilts before her health declined

and before we lost my dad). Mom is now at a very nice foster home, with

24x7 care.

However we are now having to clear out the home and put my parents home

up for sale.

Thus we need to find a new home for a 14 foot (table) longarm APQS

Ultimate I quilting Machine. We have seen them sell recently (used

price) for $4000 - $4500. However we are not able to ship nor

disassemble (quilting machine is located in home in Oregon City Oregon

and I am here in Colorado). Who works with us on this, would need to

come to house in Oregon city (we will make arrangements to have someone

there as well of course), disassemble and pack the machine, etc. There

are plenty of quilting materials as well to go with the quilting machine.

We would love to find a new home for it in Oregon and are open for

offers and are willing to accept monthly payment (with a down payment

provided) based upon a signed and agreed upon contract for same.

We are under a time constraint and are open for offers as to price,

purchase, etc.

Semper Fidelis,

Steve Hosie

Sorry, this machine has been sold to a lucky new owner who will give it a good and loving home.

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I am looking for a 12-14 foot table only, that will fit a Millie. Would this seller be at all interested in a trade with my 8 ft table, or to sell the table only? I'm in Oregon, about 1 hour south of Oregon City. you have any leads on anyone else looking to downsize to a smaller table who would be interested in a trade? Please let me know!


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