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Instructions for making groovy boards

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I want to share something I thought may interest some “groovy board” users. I came across an interesting quilting chat site.

“quilting pattern boards” go to “Lynda H.” message. You can download the directions at the bottom of her message,

I have been having a ball making my own design boards. I have added some notes about my trial & errors to pass on some ideas that may help.


1. Paint board surface with contrasting paint FIRST. Painting makes the pattern easier to follow after cutting grooves.

2. I like to use MDF board. It is smoother and cuts better.

3. Use ear (and eye) protection. Ear protection helps muffle the noise and lets you concentrate better while using the Dremel.

4. I highly recommend using a mask. I got a sinus infection when I first started from inhaling the dust.

The grooves won’t be perfect by any means. Slight “wiggles” in the cutting are rarely noticed when sewing the design on the quilt top.

I only make my own pattern boards of favorite designs when I know I will use the design a number of times. Block designs are great when you can scale the design to the size of the block and sew block after block quickly.

Have fun,


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Cool stuff. I have two dremels. Maybe I'll give it a try and see what turns out. zeke..........


by the hour.........................

APQS Ultimate I/Compuquilter


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