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Quilt a bigger quilt on a smaller frame?

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Hi everyone-I have a Milli on a 12 foot frame I do king size quilts. I'm moving to a smaller space and can't fit the 12 foot frame in the new sewing room. My question is is it somehow possible to quilt a larger quilt on a smaller frame like say a 10 foot frame? If so how?

Please help. I sew mostly for myself and don't really want to give up and sell my Milli.


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I did a king-sized bedspread and I pinned a little more than half the width on my frame. I folded the other part up accordian style and then rolled on the roller. I quilted half and then took it off and did the other half -- I did a custom design so I did not have to match any thing. I think and edge to edge would be more difficult unless it was done freehand. Hope this helps.


Sandra Guilbeau, M. Ed.

Denham Springs, Louisiana

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Can you put your 12 ft frame on diagonal in a room?

My friend removed her power advance so she could quilt in her 12 ft freedom and install power advance after expanding the wall in the future. Just a thought.



Corey Starkey

IQ & Bllissed Millennium

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