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ok now the question what are some of the things that you guys are talking about example sids oh the list is to long to remember remember i am one of the newbies here just got out of the cradle yesterday but for the life of me some of the stuff i get lost in could you all help me out or show me where to get to get the help i need (my honey says the mental ward won't have me):P little does he know thanks robin

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just keep them a coming for i am writing them all down sorry i don't know all of this just wait till i get my frame and machine then you guys will be bombarded by questions

question 1 what is the first book that i need to read before i get my machine and frame it will be this spring before i can get it because we are building a new barn and a big loft just for me:D:D:D but dh dosen't know that i am paying on a machine and frame :P:P:P thanks

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I think we all have favorites that somehow answered all

our questions when we were starting out. I sound like an

old pro, don't I. :D :D Old - yes. But pro, no. I just started

last fall.

My favorite is "The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Machine

Quilting by Linda Taylor. It covers How to Use Any Longarm

Machine, Techniques, Patterns & Pantographs, Starting a

Business and Hiring a Longarm Machine Quilter. I refer back

to it often especially when I am stuck or needing inspiration.

Of course, I get those ideas here on this forum, too.

What books did the rest of you quilters use when you first

got started???

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Thanks for that site...............got a good laugh out of some of them that I wasn't aware of.....lol



Originally posted by Linda S

Here is a link to a site that will tell you nearly every longarm quilting abbreviation you would want to know. I would suggest copying the list to your computer, as I'm not sure how long George will maintain the page:



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DSM.......Domestic Sewing Machine

LAer.......Long Armer

LAing......Long Arming

NAT........New At This

OTD........Older Than Dirt (my DH's nick name)

SR..........Stitch Regulator

UFO........Unfinished Object (they use that at my guild ATT)

ATT.........All The Time

M2Cs........My 2 Cents

Milli...........Millieium (name of APQS machine)

Froging.....means Rip it Rip it (the picking out of stitches

ULR..........not sure what URL stands for but I think it is a web address

U2U........is to send a message (from this forum) to another member privately


YGG....You Go Girl

OMG....Oh My Gawd (or Gosh)

Gosh that's all I can think of ATM (At The Moment)

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Thanks for all the reply's and the George's site is also great to refer to. DH went and bought a trailer to haul his tractor today and I told him to go ahead and get one because I was going to get me a new machine and frame. To make a long story short after being married for 27 years he knows me well enough that he figured out that I already had one on lay-a way. I am in it for the joy at the moment and in 4 1/2 yrs. I may know enough to do it for a little profit and to sell a few but for now it is for fun. I enjoy reading all the pro's and con's of everything. I would love for my daughter just to show a small amount of interest and would want to spend time with me doing something together other than me taking them out to lunch (when they are broke):P But for now it will be for me and Mother to enjoy. I buy and she enjoys. But God Love Her she is 70 and spunky as ever.

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