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A friend made this quilt as a fundraiser. It sold for nearly $5,000. All proceeds provided a patient, including a dialysis machine, to sail on a cruise ship for a week's paid vacation. All of the T-shirts in this quilt are Harley Davidson Alaska designs. So cool! The backing fabric was skulls (wearing do rags) and crossbones. She makes these every year for fundraisers, and I get to quilt them!

BTW, it was GY-mondo HUGE! I think it was like 125" x 90"


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She said last year's quilt went for nearly the same amount. The people that bid on this annual event already have the $$ ready and they know they are ready to throw down the cash! :)

Some things.... money is no object. The folks at these fundraisers... it's not about how much they pay, it's about how much they raise.


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Originally posted by Sparkle

Wonderful that it raises so much money! Great quilt! I can just barely see the quilting in this picture, but I'm sure it's beautifully done! Very cool quilt!

Thanks everyone. The photo does not do it justice.

I did e2e freehand swirls (looks like waves / water) and I used a variegated King Tut with blue, green and purple in it. Turned out pretty (and was quilt to quilt, too)

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