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Compuquilter/Autosketch training at CQ

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This is great news and Suzanne is very knowledgable and the perfect person for the job. This announcement just came out today.

Announcing a New Home for CompuQuilter. S&D Stitches is moving into a new facility. In addition to better manufacturing facilities, the new building will include a showroom and a well-equipped training center. We anticipate that Workshops will begin early December 2006.

Now you?ll be able to take classes at the home of CompuQuilter. The first workshop to be offered will be Digitizing for CompuQuilter. There are many misconceptions about digitizing. This 3-day intensive workshop will cover simple and effective techniques to have you digitizing quickly and easily. Your questions will be answered and the great mysteries of the digitizing universe will be solved. You will learn to use 3-point arc and fitted curve polyline tools, AutoSketch for CQ, methods of preparing artwork for digitizing, how to digitize all of CQ?s design categories, and advanced techniques. You?ll know how to work with CQ?s command file conversion program, how to convert Statler designs for use with CQ, and much more. Each student attending classes in the Training Center will receive a new Digitizing Course Book and have a computer provided for their use. The instructor?s computer is connected to a data projector and large screen so students can easily follow the digitizing lessons. When it?s time to stitch designs and learn more about CQ?s features, students will use the new Showroom. It is being equipped with A-1, APQS and Nolting quilting machines connected to CQ, so you can work with the system you have . . . or want to have. S&D Stitches is fully committed to CQ users by providing them with comprehensive training so they can develop their skills as computerized quilters and digitizers. This workshop will benefit anyone interested in digitizing and quilting with CQ. Dealers, CQ owners, wanna-be owners and pattern designers will all gain helpful knowledge. You don?t have to be an engineer, architect, draftsman or graphic artist to become a designer of computerized quilting designs. Every longarm quilter has doodled both on paper and on fabric. Learn how to convert your original doodles and art to computerized quilting designs. For more information and updates, contact the instructor for this workshop directly. Suzanne Moreno has digitized and professionally converted hundreds of designs for CompuQuilter. She combines her background in teaching with her love of digitizing and quilting with CompuQuilter to offer this workshop for you.

Suzanne Moreno

CQ Digitizing Workshop Instructor


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Isn't this great news!!!!!

Anyone owning or wishing to own a CQ system should be totally thrilled about this training opportunity.:o

I CANNOT wait!!:cool::o

Thanks for sharing it JoAnn. I'm so excited about it.

Suzanne is perfect for this job. I cannot wait to see the training facility.

WHOO WHOOOOO hooo. I'm doing the CQ DANCE!!!


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Hi Barb,

Isn't this exciting. The training many of us have been waiting on. Quality Training on our CQ and Autosketch. Knowledge is a great thing. You will love your CQ even more when you can use all the features.

That's the part I like.

I'm sure you can email Suzanne at the above email. Soon hopefully we will know when the classes are going to take place. But just think, even if you can't make the first one hopefully there will be more throughout the year giving everyone the chance to grow in their knowledge of CQ.

Since they posted the announcement I'm sure they will also post the class dates once they know when. Email Suzanne if you wish to be notified. I'm sure she won't mind at all.


Best Wishes Barb

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